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The Swedish Agency for Public Management provides support to the Government and Government Offices. Our task is to conduct studies and evaluations at the request of the government and also to modernize public administration with the use of IT. Our activities are directed according to the Government’s needs and demands.

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there is a difference between the original se application and what is filed at EPO,no news of 20031113 about swedish translation of EPO application

av Sunnanvind ( den 16 sep 2003 18.46 Fulfillment of the conditions in PatL §1.

The invention as stated in the patent is only describing a flow of information between different cooperating entities. Each partaking unit is well known. The claim is that the described flow of information is somehow a solution to one or more technical problems. The solution provided gives no new technical solutions with regard to how a database works, how to create a form, how to connect units with each other, in which way computer files can encompass different formats or what these formats would mean, how a file includes indentification of a reciever, how means for transaction and reception work, or how encryption and signing work. It's only indicated that these features exist but none of them advance the technical state of the art. The description refers only to known conventional means and methods to accomplish the invention. The combination in itself does not lift the invention to any technical level. The inventions thus subsists solely of an administrative method to submit a form. No technical features whatsoever are presented in the patent according to the granted claims, which is why the patent is not considered an invention within the patentable realm defined in PatL §1.

av epi ( den 16 sep 2003 19.50 Demand

As there is no invention in the patentable realm according to PatL paragraph 1, and as there is no novelty, or at least no inventive height, according to PatL paragraph 2 we demand that the patent office revoke the granted patent in its entirety.

In case the patent office can not decide to revoke the granted patent only based on written communication we demand a personal conference with the member who is dealing with the matter in order to thereby orally further explain our position on the matter.

Proof of publication of referenced publications can be sent if required.

Stockholm 15 September 2003. GROTH & Co. KB

Ulf Kärn


Letter of attorney

Attachment 1: "Spridnings- och HämtningsSystem SHS Hewlett Packard Sverige AB Ramavtal nr 6425/99", Dnr 118/98-3, Bilaga 6 Specifikation av produkter. Attachment 2: "Spridnings- och HämtningsSystem SHS Tankar och Visioner", Riksskatteverket, Riksförsäkringsverket, 1998-06-03, Version 2.00. Attachment 3: "Gemensamma IT-plattformar för informationsutbyte", rapport från förstudie. Toppledarforum och Riksförsäkringsverket., distribuerad av Statskontoret,1995. Attachment 4: "Super-Forms: A Security-Enhanced Smart Electronic Form Management System", Anthony B. Dayao, In GlobalTelecommunications Conference, 1990, and Exhibition 'Communications: Connecting the Future', GLOBECOM '90., IEEE. 2-5 december, 1990 on pages 1079 ­ 1083 Vol. 2. Attachment 5: Föreläggande enligt A 96(2) EPC, daterad 27 augusti, 2002, rörande europeisk patentansökan 00 970 358.1. Attachment 6: Svaromål till föreläggande enligt bilaga 4, daterat 9 december, 2002. Attachment 7: Teknisk lösning för Kontakt-N". Reine Bergström, 23 September 1999, Version 1.3.

We will also discuss (expand on) the (more general) relevancy of these distinguishing caracteristics.

Patent claim 1 is about (has as subject): 1a: A system for accessing, modifying and transferring computer (data) files including: 1b: a universal, widely spread network, 1c: a database system, 1d: at least (minimally) a (one) local data processing system (computer), 1e: a notary server (a server providing notary services), 1f: and at least (minimally) a (one) reciever (recieving) system, 1g: which comprise independent systems attached to the network, 1h: where the database system comprises (makes, is a means for) storing a number(set) of data files, 1i: which each one includes a form, 1j: where each form is in a mainly arbitrary but predetermined format which can differ from the format of other forms in the database system, 1k: whereby each file includes identification which associates it with a given reciever(receiving) system, 1l: and the database system becomes the means to transfer data files by the network to the local data processing system, 1m: whereby each local data processing system becomes the means for using the database system, for downloading through the network of at least one user selected data file stored in the database system, 1n: for (the purpose of) registering changes introduced by the user in the downloaded data file, 1o: and for transfer of the modified data file as a transferred data file to the notary server by way of the network, 1p: and whereby the notary server comprises a means to receive every transfered data file by way of the network, 1q: and to transfer every transferred data file to the receiver system by which the transferred data file is associated.

Patent claim 6 is about (has as subject), besides what is meant in patent claim 1: 6a: a portable memory device which stores personal encryption parameters for the user, and 6b: a reader that is attached to the local data processing system to (for the purpose of) reading the users encryption parameters from the portable memory device, 6c: where every local data processing system also comprises the means for encryption of transferred data files with use of public(common) encryption codes, and 6d: to attach to every transfered form a with public code encrypted digital code which uniquely identifies the user of the receiver system, with which the transferred form is associated.

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