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Log of bug-fixes, extensions/improvements and incidents affecting the operation of FFIIs Member Participation System (called "Aktiv", aktiv.ffii.org)

(For further information on Aktiv see: AktivAdminEn, AktivImprovementEn, AktivInternEn)

040710 some aktiv related kwiki pages renamed, FfiiprojKreEn created. <phm>

040513 The default language is now EN (was DE). This applies if no l=xx parameter is given. <mw>

040513 A database table for the MEP Poll, called mepqs0405, has been created in the ffii db and defined in http://www.ffii.org/assoc/verbdefs.txt

040512 New menu entry "Project participation" for signing up to FFII projects with varying levels of involvement.<mw>

040512 Finally, enabled UTF-8 support for HTML Form submits (browsers with half-hearted UTF-8 support may still cause problems).<mw>

040512 Automatic Response Emails are now sent with charset="utf-8".<mw>

040512 Improved prose on Aktiv page "become a member" (German version only - until some feedback comes in).<mw>

0402-0404 Lots of small improvements and fixes that I didn't get around to add here (yet).<mw>

040109 Fixed forgotten password feature (after a database format change, a template variable had not been updated). <mw>

040108 Fixed spelling errors in payment forms. <mw>

040108 Re-enabled automatic language-fallback into EN for language portugese (PT). PT had been marked as "implemented language" a little too early and a "template not found" error appeared for users that came into Aktiv with "l=pt". (The promised pt translation did not materialize). <mw>

040105 Unreproducable sporadic hangups reported by Hartmut <phm>. Interference with Knecht module replacement by phm - he immediately put back a stable version. One possible cause: max # of Apache !CGIs surpassed. Too much is going on on genba to expect a stable environment for "productive use". <mw>

040105 Change log started

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