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2004-05-14 Software Patent Directive no longer a Consensus Item in Council

According to the documents from the agenda of the competitiveness council meeting, software patents are now a B-Item (i.e. an item requiring discussion by the ministers) and the next to last item on the agenda of a public session on tuesday 2004-05-18 (see document 4):

This is an important change compared to the press briefing released on Friday morning

which said that the Irish presidency proposal would be adopted "without discussion":

The EU media briefing also tries very hard to play the play up the Irish draft as a 'compromise' position.

But it's clear from this report from Paul Meller that by the time of the press conference this afternoon journalists were obviously well enough briefed that the EU spokesman had to confirm everything FFII had said:

The national positions won't finally be clear until we hear what actually gets said on Tuesday, but there are signs that there may be an increasing number of ministers with concerns about the text, and a very real possibility that a number of countries may seek a delay to give time to

On the other hand, as best we know, some countries (IE, UK, SE) are likely to still continue pushing all-out for the Presidency text.

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