2004-12-17 Adoption of Software Patent Agreement by Environment or Agriculture/Fishery Ministers?

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According to Council documents, the software patent directive was scheduled to be adopted as an A item (without discussion) at the environment Council next monday, the 20th of december 2004, along with a bathing water managment directive. Later in the afternoon it was moved to the Agriculture & Fisheries Council of tuesday, to conform with what Minister Brinkhorst had told the Dutch Parliament, which has been regularly complaining about misinformation by the ministry.

Ante Wessels (Vrijschrift/FFII) reports:

Schedule on Council Web Page

Participants of Environment Council

The following have been confirmed by calls to the concerned ministries:

At a previous Environment Council meeting, the participants were as follows:

What Governments can still do

Governments and their representatives are still free to

Reasoning can be found at Cons041215En.

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