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The Commission launched a new consultation. You are invited to contribute. DG Internal Market, organiser of the consultation, is widely known for launching and defending the original Software Patents Directive proposal co-authored by the BSA. Question 7 covers Intellectual Property. Standards and standard setting gets mentioned, but neither "interoperability" nor "open standards". Deadline for your submissions is 15-6-2006


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English questions extracted


1) Do you agree with the preliminary analysis of the current situation of the internal market and the challenges it is facing? If not, what is your analysis?

2) In which ways have you benefited from the opportunities offered by the internal market? Where, in your view, does it function well? Where do you see shortcomings?

3) Do you agree with this choice of priorities? Are there others in your view?

4) Internal market policy fosters economic reforms to which citizens and businesses then have to adjust. Do you think sufficient account is taken of the costs of making these adjustments? Why (not)? Do you think flanking measures are needed to accompany market opening? If so, what kind?

5) In your experience, does the internal market offer sufficient opportunities for businesses? Why (not)? Where do you see barriers?

6) Do you consider that the internal market is 'innovation-friendly'? Why (not)? Where, in your view, are the main barriers to innovation? Which steps should be taken in order to ensure that the internal market is more innovation-friendly?

7) Do you consider that the current IPR regimes foster growth and innovation? In your experience, where is more focus or action needed?

8) In your experience, do Member State authorities apply procurement rules in a way that gives businesses sufficient opportunity for market entry?

9) Do you think that public authorities are sufficiently aware of the opportunities the EU public procurement framework offers for fostering innovation? If not, how could they be made better aware of it?

10) In your experience, are there any significant problems with the internal market preventing the development of the private equity and venture capital market on a cross-border basis? If so, what are they?

11) Do you think that voluntary standards for services would be beneficial? If so, in which sectors should they be introduced?

12) What are your views on how we carry out consultations on internal market policy? For instance, what are your views on the consultation process, and on the relevance and presentation of issues in our consultation documents?

13) What are your views on the way we carry out impact assessments on internal market policies? In your experience, are we using the right policy instruments to achieve the objectives?

14) What are your views on evaluations conducted for internal market policies and the follow-up given to them?

15) Do you think that Member States should be encouraged to carry out national screening exercises (of existing and new rules and administrative procedures) and if so how?

16) In which fields do you see the greatest need to step up cooperation between Member State authorities in order to make the internal market work?

17) What is your assessment of the role and work of supervisory or regulatory authorities in Member States? Should similar systems of supervision be extended to other internal market fields?

18) What is your view on current mechanisms for enforcing internal market rules at the national level? What should be improved?

19) What is your experience (if any) of the CommissionÂ’s infringement policy in the field of the internal market? Which type of infringement cases should we handle as a priority?

20) Do you agree with the need to step up coordination and responsibility in Member States for managing the internal market? What (further) assistance could the Commission give in this respect?

21) In your experience, does internal market regulation take sufficient account of the bigger picture of international competitiveness? If not, in which areas do you see problems and what could be done?

22) On which regulatory issues and with which countries and regions should the EU strive for more international regulatory convergence or equivalence? How should this be achieved? By contrast, where do you think differing rules and standards should coexist?

23) Where should the EU engage more strongly in either intergovernmental or nongovernmental standard-setting organisations?

24) In your experience, do Member States and the EU institutions do enough to promote the opportunities presented by the internal market? Which concrete actions would you suggest for improving the situation?

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