Paris 2004-05-29 for Digital Freedom with >1000 participants, AFP reports 300

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FFII co-launched a demo in Paris on Saturday May, 29th. Beside software patents, the demo was organised against a number of European and French laws concerning freedom on internet, such as the software patents and the French loi sur l'économie numérique. Between 1000 and 2000 demonstrator were present. Some contacts have been made (Gibus) with some people wanting to help FFII, MEP candidate (Alain Lipietz, Greens), medias (Radio France International but cut on the final broadcast, I-Television).

So the outcome would be very positive if AFP (Agence France Presse) hadn't curiously given a very low number of participants: 300, even less than the figure given by the police (700). Some critics referred to AFP as "Agence France Propagande".

See french version for more details.

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