FFII Document Metadata Structure

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By "document metadata" we refer to data such as document ID, title, description, keywords, author, date, language etc which are specific to one document and which need to be made available to internal databases as well as to bibliography generators, search indexes and other programs, so as to make the vast amount of information that we collect more easily accessible. Document metadata also provide a layer of abstraction that allows us to weave different content managment systems together. Below we try to keep track of such efforts, as made at FFII.

News & Chronology


Soon the top section of each Kwiki page should no longer be edited by !KWiki but generated from the database and editable via all kinds of frontends, including knecht, aktiv, mlht and a kwiki metadata editing form (possibly based on aktiv).

Items included in Metadata

Metadata Syntax in FFII Database

Note that the database itself is self-explanatory. Explanations of tables and fields can be obtained as follows

Metadata Syntax in nodes.txt files

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