L'Echo 2004-05-15: Moerman restates opposition to Council Proposal

News from L'Echo (Belgian newspaper) page 13 :

In the Newspaper L'Echo, the Belgian competitiveness council representative Fientje Moerman, federal minister of economy, explains why she rejects the directive in its current form, see also

Subtitle : La Belgique votera ontre la proposition de directive de la présidence irlandaise.

Good coverage in this article including short interviews of Pierre De Muelenaere (IRIS Group) and Benjamin Henrion (AEL).

As this was a subject of the Belgian council of ministers of Friday, we thought it would be covered by other newspapers as well, but we did not find anything in Le Soir, La Libre, De Standaard and De Tijd.

La Libre Belgique (2004-05-17):

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