Software Patent Directive in the Europarl 2004

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In May 2004 the EU Council of Ministers kicked the European Software Patent Directive back to stage 0 or -1 by ignoring all the changes of the European Parliament and introducing new elements such as program claims that widen the cleavage even further. Some people in the European Parliament have proposed that the Parliament should under such circumstances not go into a 2nd reading. A 2nd reading would expose a new Parliament with 10 new member states to difficult decisions, taken in short time with heightened majority requirements (absence counts in favor of the Council) under the impression of an unprecedented lobbying blitz, and then send them into backroom conciliation procedures with a Council that has not even faced the problems yet.

News & Chronology

Arguments for 1st Reading

Olga Zrihen has called for another 1st reading of the directive (in an interview with EU Reporter on 2004-04-14).

The main arguments for this are

Rule 55

Rule 55 Renewed referral to Parliament

1. The President shall, at the request of the committee responsible, ask the Commission to refer its proposal again to Parliament

Changes since directive was drafted in 2002 in EU

What has changed since directive was drafted in 2002 in the World

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