Mailing to FFII Supporters

Proposal 1 (phm)

Anonymous critique of proposal 1

Critique (J. Heald, 3.30pm CET)

1. If a link is vitally important, include it in-line. Otherwise summarise it or cut it. I don't believe anybody reads footnotes in emails.

2. The important thing is to be telling supporters EXACTLY, step-by-step, point-by-point what you want them to do, and what you want them to say, and very clear.

3. Do NOT make the email look like a junk-mail market research questionnaire. What people (may) want to receive is a situation report; and clear instructions.

But making the email look like a junk-mail questionnaire positively pisses people off. That's why the return rates have been derisory.

Tell people what they can do as if you were speaking to them. The main body of the email should stand by itself, and properly explain all the options. Include a tear-off feedback box if you wish, but only after and separate to the main body of the email.

4. Move "please leave me alone" to the last item in the feedback box, not the first.

5. The letters you're offering for people to send need quite a lot of work. It's important the letters should be all different - not a form letter - and rooted in people's own personal situation, and concerns.

Proposal 2 (idea of bk, but being constantly changed...)


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