FFII for Denmark

Council dialogue 2004-05-18

Irish Chairman: Belgium: abstain. And Denmark? Can I hear from Denmark please?

Denmark: I would really like to ask the commission why they couldn't accept the last sentence put forward by the Italians, which was in the original German proposal.

Ireland: I think the Commissioner already answered that question, I'm sorry Denmark. So are you yes, no, abstain?

Denmark: I think we wouldn't, we're not hap...

Ireland: I assume you're a "yes".

Denmark: We're not happy.

Ireland: Are you 80% happy?

Denmark: But... I think we...

Ireland: We don't need you to be totally happy. None of us are totally happy.

Denmark: Oh, I know that, I know that.

Ireland: If we were, we wouldn't be here!

Denmark: I think we're not very happy, but I think we would, we would...

Ireland: Thank you very much.

Denmark: ... we would like to see a solution today.

Ireland: Thank you very much, Denmark.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm happy to say that we have a qualified majority, so thank you all very very much indeed, and thank you to commissioner Bolkestein.


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