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RSS has become a popular format for sharing news between sites. What RSS newsfeeds are available from FFII? How are they generated? How can FFII editors optimise their writings with regard to RSS ?

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Rules for Producing RSS-optimised Webpages


The following is an example of an optimally marked-up page.

Some of the markup here is separated from the text by comment syntax (#), some is woven into the text.

The "date", "title" "description" items can be identified by a parser. The "title" is part of the first heading. It must be a 1st-level heading (one '='). It can start with a date, which is then removed from the title. The description is the first continuous paragraph, without any markup or links, that comes between the header section (which ends with a horizontal line) and the first subheading (which must be 2nd-level heading beginnint with '==' ). Alternatively, any element, be it title, description, date or whatever, can be included by after a comment sign (#), followed by a space, the element name, a colon, a space and the contents, e.g.

Any such explicit tag takes precedence over tags that are woven into the text.

Tags can also be specified using the emacs syntax for file attributes (local variables), either in the first line or at the bottom of the page. This is interesting for certain kinds of tags. phm has a set of emacs lisp routines that use this data for triggering certain conditions in Emacs and maintaining local copies of kwiki pages.

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