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Genba, "the place where things are happening" (according to the meaning of this Kaizen consulting slangword of Japanese origin), is the shop floor where automated data processing systems of FFII are developped and first deployed.


the name genba

"genba" is a japanese word meaning "the place where things are happening". It is used in the west by Kaizen consultants in the meaning of "shop floor" of a factory, e.g. they would call a medium-level manager out from behind his office desk and drag him out to the "genba", so that he may get directly involved with the processes in the factory.


For information concerning the backup strategy have a look at the file "/etc/rsyncd.conf". As of this writing (2005-04-17) only Jeroen has access to the backups.


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phm tried to install (debian package is there), but failed to put it to use. domain is there, see var/www/pattorrent. This system could be useful for distributing patent files (10M pdfs from EPO) over the Internet.

Another possibility is to use FreeCache. In short, you can have any file between 5MB and 1GB cached by them for free by prepending ! in front of the url (e.g. !!

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