100 EPO Counterparts Found for IBM's 500 "Freed" US Patents

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In a preliminary investigation, FFII has found a match of 98 european patents in the portfolio of the 500 US patents IBM has decided to be royalty free for Open Source developers and companies.

Most if not all of the identified EPO patents cover calculation rules claimed in terms of general-purpose computing equipment (computer-implemented solutions = software per se) and are therefore of little value both under the existing law and under the software patent directive as amended by the European Parliament in September 2003. They would however be fully legalised by the Council's proposed version, for which IBM's patent department is heavily lobbying the EU.


From a preliminary investigation, using the Gauss Project Database and standard SQL, FFII has found a match of 98 european patents in IBM's portfolio of 500 US patents: 44 granted, 43 withdrawn and 11 pending.

See the comments on EP795823 for an overview of reasons why a patent application may have been withdrawn.

The database used contains mainly patents from e.g. G and H classes up till summer 2003. The investigation is therefore not complete. Feedback systems for users of Gauss are under development. Guests are welcome to contribute on the Gauss Project Wiki.

The original list of the 500 IBM patents can be found here.

EPO cousins to the 500 IBM patents, grouped by status:

Pending applications

  1. EP1011075 Method and apparatus for updating node position (comments)

  2. EP409588 Interactive computer system. (comments)

  3. EP429285 Computer graphics system. (comments)

  4. EP434586 Attribute-based method and apparatus of classification and retrieval. (comments)

  5. EP586767 Selective data capture for software exception conditions. (comments)

  6. EP632672 System and method for bandwidth reservation for different traffic classes. (comments)

  7. EP663639 Method for creating a multimedia application. (comments)

  8. EP677943 A communications system for exchanging data between computers in a network. (comments)

  9. EP716533 A gateway system and method (comments)

  10. EP887748 Multilingual terminology extraction system (comments)

  11. EP942376 Method and system for pre-fetch cache interrogation using snoop port (comments)

Granted, opposed, patent maintained

  1. EP493881 Bus architecture for a multimedia system. (comments)

Granted, opposition window closed

  1. EP364384 Method of managing marker entities within a document data stream. (comments)

  2. EP403120 Colour display colour control. (comments)

  3. EP405845 Performing compilation optimisation procedures in an optimisation compiler. (comments)

  4. EP416281 Data buffer. (comments)

  5. EP420424 A method of information retrieval for a database system. (comments)

  6. EP420474 Rebuilding edited digital audio files. (comments)

  7. EP423453 Address translation and copying process. (comments)

  8. EP425187 Drawing 'polygon with edge'-type primitives in a computer graphics display system. (comments)

  9. EP425421 Process and apparatus for manipulating a boundless data stream in an object oriented programming system. (comments)

  10. EP432333 Computer system security device. (comments)

  11. EP438018 Method for controlling cursor movement on certain computer workstations. (comments)

  12. EP438211 Cache memory system. (comments)

  13. EP442715 Transaction processing system and method with reduced locking. (comments)

  14. EP449449 Use of application programs on data in a heterogeneous data base system. (comments)

  15. EP454610 Method and device for concurrency control of shared data updates and queries. (comments)

  16. EP458719 Method for automatic deletion of temporary document relationships within a data processing system. (comments)

  17. EP468652 Image processing apparatus and method. (comments)

  18. EP471130 Coding method and apparatus for pipelined and parallel processing. (comments)

  19. EP472879 Method and apparatus for dynamic detection and routing of non-uniform traffic in parallel buffered multistage interconnection networks. (comments)

  20. EP477124 Method and apparatus for distributed processing of display panel information. (comments)

  21. EP484603 Non-repudiation in computer networks. (comments)

  22. EP493909 Image processing system for producing an attenuation map of a scanned image. (comments)

  23. EP501023 Coupled-color error diffusion. (comments)

  24. EP509676 Cache storage control system. (comments)

  25. EP511467 Apparatus and method of operation for a facsimile subsystem in an image archiving system. (comments)

  26. EP524123 Compensation for mismatched transport protocols in a data communications network. (comments)

  27. EP533607 Method and system of providing multiple selections in text on a computer display. (comments)

  28. EP538626 Speech recognition apparatus having a speech coder outputting acoustic prototype ranks. (comments)

  29. EP559595 Method and apparatus for batching the receipt of data packets. (comments)

  30. EP591360 Method and apparatus for modifying relocatable object code files and monitoring programs. (comments)

  31. EP593161 Data processing system. (comments)

  32. EP612006 Annotating objects in display screen windows. (comments)

  33. EP621713 Communication of local area network based applications on a switched network. (comments)

  34. EP644483 Computer system and method for performing multiple tasks. (comments)

  35. EP653701 Method and system for location dependent verbal command execution in a computer based control system. (comments)

  36. EP657813 Distributed database management. (comments)

  37. EP677807 Processing system and method of operation. (comments)

  38. EP684716 A data communication network and method for operating said network. (comments)

  39. EP695072 Method and apparatus for consistent user interface in a multiple application personal communications device (comments)

  40. EP699993 Method and system for indicating boundaries of connected data subsets (comments)

  41. EP777184 Cache coherency method and system (comments)

  42. EP936554 Cache coherency protocol including a hovering (h) state having a precise mode and an imprecise mode (comments)

  43. EP936556 Cache coherency protocol including a hovering state (hr) (comments)

Not valid, application withdrawn

  1. EP424665 Method and apparatus for finding the best splits in a decision tree for a language model for a speech recognizer. (comments)

  2. EP455374 Controlling a computer display. (comments)

  3. EP462446 System for simulating computer program execution. (comments)

  4. EP466339 A method of passing task messages in a data processing system. (comments)

  5. EP469802 Character recognition system and method using the generalised hough transformation. (comments)

  6. EP478257 Method and apparatus for producing three dimensional image. (comments)

  7. EP478486 Method and system for providing communication in a layered communication architecture. (comments)

  8. EP487444 Method and apparatus for consensual delegation of software command operations in a data processing system. (comments)

  9. EP488501 Scheduling input/output operations in multitasking systems. (comments)

  10. EP491585 Dynamic link libraries system and method. (comments)

  11. EP497485 Computer for implementing two-operand instructions. (comments)

  12. EP499566 Improved action bar processing on non-programmable workstations. (comments)

  13. EP514305 Method and apparatus for facilitating contextual language translation within an interactive software application. (comments)

  14. EP515296 Process and apparatus for managing network event counters. (comments)

  15. EP549511 Method and system for delaying the activation of inactivity security mechnanisms in a multimedia data processing system. (comments)

  16. EP567834 Advanced data capture architecture data processing system and method for scanned images of document forms. (comments)

  17. EP573711 Data processing system. (comments)

  18. EP583031 A method and system for apparent direct editing of fixed display elements within a data processing system. (comments)

  19. EP613269 Method of operating a computer in a network. (comments)

  20. EP666667 Performance and status monitoring in a computer network. (comments)

  21. EP667585 Graphical user interface. (comments)

  22. EP668559 System and method for distributed processing control. (comments)

  23. EP680000 Data store access in an object oriented environment. (comments)

  24. EP682309 Data processing system adapted for single instruction branching on multiple condition codes from plural processing elements. (comments)

  25. EP686917 Apparatus for processing a series of timing signals (comments)

  26. EP689193 Speech recognition using dynamic features (comments)

  27. EP697677 Apparatus and method for determining image quality (comments)

  28. EP703536 Method and apparatus for retrieving and outputting multimedia (comments)

  29. EP706131 Method and system for efficient miss sequence cache line allocation (comments)

  30. EP706133 Method and system for concurrent access in a data cache array utilizing multiple match line selection paths (comments)

  31. EP718758 Mechanism to identify instruction word boundaries in cache (comments)

  32. EP718980 Data compression method of individual sequences of strings of a data stream based on a dictionary and device for performing the same (comments)

  33. EP721160 Apparatus and method for object oriented notification (comments)

  34. EP723220 Parallel processing system amd method using surrogate instructions (comments)

  35. EP726522 A sytem and method for handling stale data in a multiprocessor system (comments)

  36. EP726524 Protocol and system for performing line-fill addressing during copy-back operation (comments)

  37. EP726529 Array processor topology reconfiguration system and method (comments)

  38. EP726534 Method and apparatus for the pointer-based searching of large volumes of data (comments)

  39. EP727755 Learning system with prototype replacement (comments)

  40. EP736829 Variable computer icon for single control of complex software functions executed on a data processing system (comments)

  41. EP743601 A system and method for improving cache performance in a multiprocessing system (comments)

  42. EP766179 Information handling system including non-disruptive command and data movement between storage and one or more auxiliary processors (comments)

  43. EP795823 Method and system for data filtering within an object-oriented data processing system (comments)

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