2004-05-14 Italy's Minister for Innovation and Technology against Council Proposal

Italy's Minister for Innovation and Technology, Lucio Stanca, sent a letter to the ministers in charge of dealing with patents, Rocco Buttiglione (EU affairs), Antonio Marzano (industry) and Letizia Moratti (education & research). Stanca asks to propose the Directive as proposed by the Council and support the amendments of the European Parliament as well as of the other delegations, in particular those for interoperability and more strict definitions of "technical", explaining that software as such should not be patentable, that 30000 questionable patents have been granted by the EPO and that strict definitions are needed to avoid such patents.

Stanca is not directly involved in the Council meetings but formulates a position in the name of the Italian government. It is to be seen to what extent Buttiglione (minister for EU affairs ans recipient of the 5 CEO FUD letter of 2003/11/07), Marzano (minister for political activities) and Moratti (minister for University and Research) will accept Stanca's position and pursue it in the council.

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