2004-12-18 AT/EU Karas: "political agreement of May outdated"

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for Question Time at the part-session in January 2005

pursuant to Rule 109 of the Rules of Procedure

by Othmar Karas to the Council Subject: Formal adoption by the Council of the common position on the proposal for a directive on computer-implemented inventions

How does the Council intend to proceed with regard to the adoption of the common position on the proposal for a directive on computer-implemented inventions, in the light of the fact that the Polish Government has stated that it is unable to support the current proposal, the new weighting of votes introduced by the Treaty of Nice is now in force and therefore without Poland's agreement the necessary majority in favour of adoption of the common position on the basis of the political agreement reached by the Council on 18 May is no longer in place, and in the light of the fact that the Netherlands Parliament is calling for the approval given for the common position to be withdrawn and of the fact that all four political groups in the German Bundestag are calling, in an inter-party motion for a resolution, for a number of amendments to be made to the text of the directive.

Is the Council aware that this fragile agreement also completely ignores the position of the European Parliament?

Press release text:

"The planned directive on software patents no longer has a majority in the Council. The political agreement of May is outdated - after the coming into force of the new vote weighting function stipulated by the Nice treaty and the changes of position in Poland, the Netherlands and Germany", said Mag. Othmar Karas, MEP of the Austrian People's Party (ÖVP), Vice President of the European People's Party (EPP) in the European Parliament.

In urgent appeals to the Council, Karas points out that it is highly undemocratic to ratify a position that is not backed by a qualified majority on the date of official decision. "Under the changed circumstances, the Council has a hard time justifying its attempts to turn the May position to a common position" Karas said in an inquiry to the Council, which he published in a press release on wednesday.

See also the German version.

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