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Ask your Government to Withdraw Support for the EU Council's Software Patents Directive!

Please join us in mobilizing to send the Urgent Call document (german) which asks to reopen the discussion about the directive and incorporate the clarifying amendments of the European Parliament.

What's Happening:

Click here for the Urgent Call document

Look at your country's delivery page on LtrConsRecv0406En for addresses and specific instructions.

Write a quick cover letter. Don't use fax or mail, they won't get much as much attention as a written letter. Don't send a braindump to your MP, just send the Urgent Call with a short personal cover letter. If unsure how to write, contact consilium-help at ffii org for advice.

Several people can send a letter to their MP with a copy of the letter enclosed for the MP to forward to some person in charge of the issue (for example the responsible minister, an influential committee ...), to ensure this issue will not be ignored (and there's safety in numbers!).

When sending to a MP, a reference to the Protocol for national participation in EU governance referred to in Parlprot0408En is probably a good idea.

There are also a few FFII webpages which contain information on how to write a letter:

*When you send the letter, make note of it on your country's letters-sent page, below.*

Wait a few days and then phone the recipient, to make sure that he pays attention to it. See here for advice.

When you receive an answer,

Click here for Urgent Call Planning Details

There is also the Postcard action, which enables you to do something easily, even while you are on vacation.

Then use these pages to record where the letter has been sent:

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