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Send a Postcard to your Representative Saying No to Software Patents

Please join us in mobilizing to send postcards asking the EU Council Presidency to withdraw the "political agreement" on the "Directive on Computer-Implemented Inventions" and subject the text to true scrutiny and development by directly-accountable representatives.

What's Happening:

Postcards sent from your vacations to "your" MEP or MP, are a neat and easy idea to keep contact to your representative and be put on the pinboard instead in the waste basket (as the ordinary lobbying mass postings).

Of course politicians enjoy vacation greetings from far countries just as much as we do. Of course, the postcards may not miss a hint to the current software patent issue. Thereby you can also point to !URLs, e.g.

Click below to see sample postcards that have been sent:

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Some simple slogans to use:

You can get addresses for appropriate representatives from the Urgent Call country pages. To find UK !MPs, there is a location service. For other countries, you may find something on this site, your language version of this wiki page (look at the top) or the website of your parliament.

/Be sure to scan or photograph your postcard before you mail it so you can post it here./

Record Postscards Sent

  1. Send an email to:
    • postkard0407-help at ffii org
    • and attach the scan of your postcards to your email ( thanks )
  2. Log your postcard mailing here.

  3. Click here to see the postcard directory.

  4. When your postcards show up in the directory, link to them on the appropriate country pages.

Activity Status

A Sample Postcard:

The Plan:

**** "no software patents, power to the parliament" (slogan of 2004-04-14 demo) **** "data processing is not a field of technology" (EP 2003-09-24 Art 3a) **** "free ideas for a free world" (slogan used in ffii demos and artwork)

**** Alternatively, via SwpatkunstEn you may find some material for printing postcards of your own

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Example Postcard Text

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