RMS Baltic Tour 2004-07

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From July 21 to July 23, Dr. Richard Stallman, Christian Engström (FFII Sweden) and Marco Schulze (entrepreneur from Germany) talked with supporters and representatives about software patents and their consequences.

Log: RmsBaltLog0407En

2004-07-21 - Talks at Lithuanian Parliament in Vilnius


--> Speeches of Christian Engström, RMS and Marco Schulze in the Lithuanian Parliament

2004-07-22 - In the morning: Talks in Riga, capital of Latvia

The room of the Construction faculty of the Riga Technical University was crowded with about 100 journalists, developers, business persons and students.

Good speeches by all three speakers and vital Q+A afterwards!!!

2007-07-22 - In the evening: Talks in Tallinn, capital of Estonia

The Estonian IT College, Rävala pst 14 - map - Announcement in Estonian

http://pezz.tkwcy.ee/gallery/albums/rmsffii/IMG_3674.thumb.jpg http://pezz.tkwcy.ee/gallery/albums/rmsffii/IMG_3689.thumb.jpg http://pezz.tkwcy.ee/gallery/albums/rmsffii/IMG_3669.thumb.jpg

12th August 2004 * Now videos of the event in Ogg Theora encoding are avaliable here. Direct links: RMS' speech, Christian Engstrom and Marco Schulze.

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morning talk in Helsinki at 09:00 to 10:30 location: Innopoli auditorium Leonardo, Tekniikantie 12, 02150 Espoo

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