Slovenian Ministry clarifies stance against Irish Council Presidency's position

The Slovenian Ministry of information society has today issued a new precise stance on what they support.

This statement is more detailed than the earlier one. They now say exactly what they support.


On May 14th 2004 the Ministry of information sociaty has sent their official opinion about the EU parliament directive about patentability.

On May 10th 2004 the commison of the Council issued two documents: a report about harmonization of Directive document which lists the hindrances of other EU member countries and the consolidated text of proposal of Directive.

Our opinion in reference to the mentioned documents is as follows:

Mentioned existing hindrances of member countries are not regarded in the consolidated text of Directive, because of which we express our concern, which is shared with us by a major part of professional public, mostly the community of open source developers and at least a part of small and medium sized companies.

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