DG Internal Market, not happy with the consultation results, launched a parallel consultation via the EICs

Bussels, 10 July 2006 - The FFII researched what was behind the SME Panel mentioned in the preliminary findings document published by the Commission last week. It appears that the Commission was not happy with the results of the consultation, and they decided to launch another one through the European Information Centres (EIC) with targeted !SMEs involved with the patent system.

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The FFII received, from an anonymous source, 7 files that were distributed by the Commission to the European Information Centres in preparation of this extra consultation.

File 1: Instructions

Download: smepanel0601_instructions.pdf

File 2: Questionnaire

Download: smepanel0601_questionnair-E.pdf

The questionnaire is the same as the one of the public consultation, but with some other introduction questions about IPRs.

File 3: Cost of a European Patent

Download: smepanel0601_cost_european_.pdf

This is the same document as the one published during the public consultation.

File 4: Comparison of costs

Download: smepanel0601_comparative_co.pdf

This is the same document as the one published during the public consultation.

File 5: Documentation about the Community Patent

Download: smepanel0601_community_pate.pdf

This is a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which was not distributed with the questionnaire of the public consultation.

File 6: Documentation about the EPLA

Download: smepanel0601_EPLA.pdf

This is a description of what the EPLA is, and a short comparaison with the Community patent. This document was not published during the public consultation.

File 7: Documentation about the EPO

Download: smepanel0601_EPO.pdf

This document presents the EPO and is rather scathing about its attempts to involve itself in policy work. A small extract:

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