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On their WiFi hotspot redirection patent

On their video streaming patents


Acacia Research, a californian software patent licensing company, owns a European Patent EP 566662 and has cited this patent in letters by which it extorts money in Europe. Especially Danish and Swedish companies have been affected. These companies typically also operate in the US. It is unclear to what extent Acacia's extortion relies on presumptions of validity of its European patent.

Acacia started from the porn web business and then gradually expanded to all kinds of transmission of video data. They won a first lawsuit in July 2003 and seem to have been receiving substantial license fee payments from many small and large companies, including Walt Disney Corporation.

FFII Sweden has a documentation on the Acacia case.

Streaming Video patent problem.....

Schools that use streaming video to educate are at risk in the United States. Acacia Research Corporation has already sent demands for royalty payments to some U.S. universities. This is a patent granted to them for streaming video around 1991, when no one used it. Now, schools that have tight budgets are being required to pay royalties...

There is a fear from all schools that use streaming video, including elementary schools, that this will prevent them from using streaming video.

Acacia licences Disney: http://www.acaciaresearch.com/pr/022604.pdf

"Patently Absurd? Streaming Users Face Acacia Patent Fight" By Dan Rayburn January 20, 2004


"Acacia Research Streaming Media Patent Info" http://www.streamingmedia.com/patent/

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