Munich Mayor: Renegotiation in Council Now Possible and Necessary

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The Mayor of Munich, Chrisian Ude, praises Poland fo its courageous intervention to have software patents pushed off the agenda of the EU Council of Agriculture and Fishery. Ude calls on the German Federal Parliament and Government to seize the chance and have the outdated Council Agreement of May 2004 renegotiated.

Munich Press Release (translation)

The Munich City Council website quotes (Rathaus-Umschau page 2) Munich's mayor Christian Ude as welcomes the new development in the Council:

"(2004-12-22) The possibility of correcting the controversely discussed proposal on a directive of "Computer Implemented Inventions" are restored. The dutch EU-prsidency has unexpectedly failed to pass the directive on the agricultural and fishery council without discussion. The polish delegation, led by the state secretary for information science, opposed adoption and asked for more time to be able to make a reasoned statement.

With this change the critics of the directive, by building an impressive opposition since last friday against the unnecessarily hasty procedures, can claim another success. Mayor Christian Ude welcomes this development: "Thanks to the brave action of the Polish delegation it has become obvious again that the concerns raised against the draft have not been fully addressed, and that there is an urgent need to discuss the directive in the EU-council." Ude still sees good chances for changing the directive from it surrent state: "A new discussion in the the competent configuration of the Council could bring about the needed legal security and clarity."

The multi-partisan resolution of the german parliament can now be taken into the discussion. Ude: "I would welcome the german government to take the demands of the resolution to Brussels, as this resolution also supports the need for clarity and the questions concernig legal effects that the City of Munich would like to see resolved."

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