UK DTI Meeting, 2004-12-14: Organisational Arrangements

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Urgent (7 Dec):

Only a few rooms left for Monday night -- if you want accommodation, you must let us know now.

Missing invitations ?

According to Lord Sainsbury's invitation, "I have decided to invite all the correspondents and their MP’s who have written to me". However, current indications are that about one-third of people who have written to their !MPs did not receive an invitation.

We are urgently trying to find out just who has and who has not been invited. So please, if you have ever contacted your MP at Westminster about software patents, please fill out and return the questionnaire at the end of this page, whether or not you have had a DTI invitation.

FFII planned events:

Monday, 13 December

7pm - 9pm: Briefing/workshop on software patents & the DTI meeting at University College, London.

We're in Lecture theatre 212 in the Engineering Building, which is just opposite Waterstone's on Torrington Place:

We need to have an idea of numbers soon, see check-box in questionnaire below.

Block-booked accomodation

Accomodation is possible at the Royal National Hotel nearby, at £48 for a single-occupied twin room, or £24 for a shared twin room.

But if you do want a room, we must have an expression of interest on the questionnaire now, as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 14 December

Breakfast: you might like to try to set up a meeting with your MP

9.30am - 12: Meeting at the DTI

FFII Debrief: Software Patents - Getting the Facts

After the DTI meeting.

When: 1pm - 3pm

Where: The Two Chairmen Pub

This pub is in Victoria very close to the location of the DTI meeting. See this Map

Space is limited. So again, if you want to be there, please do check the box in the questionnaire below. At the same time we will do our best to accommodate everyone who turns up so even if you haven't managed to notify us you are welcome to come along.


Please mark [*] for yes as appropriate, and return by email to dti_0412(at)


To discuss preparations for the meeting further, please join uk-parl(at) by sending email to uk-parl-request(at) with subject: Subscribe

There is also a scratch page for questions at [UkDtiQuestions0412En]

If you have not already done so, please send us a copy of any mail you have sent to your MP to us at uk-parl-sent(at)

You might also like to adapt the contents as public testimony for These make even more impact if you can cite numbers of jobs or real turnover, at risk from software patents.

But please fill in the questionnaire, first thing of all!!

Thank you for your help,

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