2005-01-13 Greens file Motion in JURI for Restart of Procedure

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The Greens in the European Parliament have sent a letter to the chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee (JURI), Giuseppe Gargani, asking for a restart of the procedure on the software patents directive. This will have the effect that the restart issue is on the agenda of the coordinators meeting of JURI next week. The outcome will depend on whether the majority of political groups will be backing the motion.

The Greens have issued a press release on this subject which was published on the Greens-EFA site in german and of which you may soon find an english version here. The English version is also printed below.

Original Texts of the Greens

Letter to Gargani

Press Release


PRESS RELEASE - Strasbourg 13 January 2005

Letter to Legal Affairs Committee:

Greens call for new start to software patents directive

The Greens in the European Parliament today sent a letter to the Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee calling for a restart to the legal procedure concerning the controversial software patents directive. In the submission to the President of the Committee, Giuseppe Gargani, Greens/EFA Co-President Monica Frassoni and Austrian MEP Eva Lichtenberger asked for the point to be included on the agenda of the Committee's next session (on Wednesday, 19 January).

Commenting on the initiative, Eva Lichtenberger, Member of the Legal Affairs, said:

Monica Frassoni added:


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